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Originally Posted by jgd85 View Post
yes, chat rooms are better as far as technology goes. just as mp3s are better as far as technology goes than a vinyl, but plenty of people find that listening to an album all the way through on a vinyl similarly could be called a "better" way to enjoy the music.
Um, I think chatrooms are a bit 90's meself. And they're also very different forms of communication. Forums are much more organized and efficient. Edit: Or what Guitarbizarre said...

Also, I don't see how technologically chat rooms are more advanced. If you mean the programming is more up to date I wouldn't agree. Programmers are constantly updating the forum software.
Originally Posted by Molecules View Post
Loads of reasons really... i like my pre-broadband internet CD collection, when you used to pay through the nose 4 albums on CD it always had alot more intrinsic value and you were genuinely wounded if they sucked, but more often than not i would come back to them years later and be like, 'rah, i get it now' (as you do). Sound quality aswell obviously, when I d/l I try and get as close as possible to 320kbps as I can ever since I started noticing the blatant crappiness of standard 128kbps mp3s (like actually crackling on the lower frequencies)

i've rambled loads about how morally bankrupt kids are today if they dont have loads of hard copy music, and it's definitely all true
Well, I definitely am morally (and financially) bankrupt, but if I had the money, I still wouldn't pay for CDs anymore. Main reason is because I listen to music on the computer or on my iphone. I still have about 100 CDs from the pre-mp3 days but I haven't played one in years. They're just collecting dust...:\

And nowadays you can still pay money for crap albums in mp3 format if that's your thing, only you wouldn't have the plastic lying around, you could just delete them. See, mp3s are even environment friendly.....
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