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Originally Posted by Bane of your existence View Post
Also, I want something more tangible. I'd rather pay for "the real thing" than DL software.
Seriously, in this day and age software is the real thing, besides going the hardware route is SUCH a money pit!., and completely unnecessary, especially if, I'm assuming you're producing mainly hip-hop, which is mainly electronic based music in the first place. If you were recording live musicians their may be some, but very little convincing argument for building a hardware production studio, but with your intentions and budget it would really be a waste of money.
Go to Propellerhead Software - Products - Reason to check out the software I was telling you about. Click on DOWNLOADS and you should be able to get a demo if you're up for waiting for the thing to download. Thre's also a comprehensive tutorial on the same page. Unlike a lot of production software Reason is a virtual hardware rack system that allows you to use a practically infinite amount of combinations to get the desired outcome (ie if you feel like your project needs 5 sequencers 2 drum machines and a bass synthesizer its gotcha' covered). Drop $500 on that $300 on a decent pair of powered studio monitors $100 on a midi keyboard/trigger pad, and $100 on some tasty aftermarket beats and samples (reason does come with some, but you'll want to stock up on the flavor) and you're in the business, and in no less of a way than anyone that has their own studio. In fact it is a studio.

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