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Originally Posted by ldyharley View Post
Good morning!
I was just enjoying listening to these two fantastic musicians on YouTube and I am trying to find the DVD that has the song, "Anyone Had A Heart' sung by Elvis Costello. I have scoured the Internet and although Sessions at West 54th Painted From Memory comes up, that particular song isn't on the CD or DVD.
I have been a fan of Mr. Costello since he arrived on the scene and have most of his albums.
Any advise on where to locate this particular song would be most appreciated. I have iTunes and for some reason the iTunes store is limited on these types of sessions.
Would you please email me if you know where I can obtain the album with that song on it?

Thank you!
Sandra Johnson
Hey up.

Unfortunately I have no idea where to locate the albums in question, as I've been looking for them myself for quite some time now. That said, I do know you'll find Anyone Who Had a Heart on these bootlegs;

The Look Of Love [Radio City Music Hall, New York, 13/10/98]
The Royal Festival Hall [Royal Festival Hall, London, 29/10/98]

Ebay's probably your best bet, as I haven't been able to find these myself. If I find anything out though, I'll email ya.
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