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Originally Posted by Veridical Fiction View Post
I don't like starfish girls.
I mean, I don't expect a woman to ruin the paint on the walls with scratch marks and eat holes in my pillows.. but if I feel like I'm fvcking a corpse, obviously it's a turn off.
yes, absolutely. the worse is when they're aggressive during foreplay and then turn into a starfish once they hit the mattress.

as for the complaints other posters had about guys not being assertive enough i think it's a reflection of the sexism in the legal system and how it can be abused. i know for myself back in high school in the 90s any guy being sexually aggressive in any fashion resulted in cries of rape and harassment.

i am NOT condoning rape or abuse, but at the same time if some girl gets herself all liquored up and then sluts out a bit then feels shame in the morning and turns around and charges the dude she picked up with rape then his reputation is destroyed even if the charges get dropped. once the word hits the street the stigma is on you regardless of how it plays out.

so yeah, women need to get used to the idea that more and more 'good' guys will not be making the first move.

also, never EVER do it with a co-worker. EVER. if you don't poop where you sleep then you don't **** where you work.
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I type whicked fast,
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