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Nooooo... Start off playing with just your fingers. Get your fingers used to acting independently and learn the feel of the strings and how to manipulate the sound of them with your fingers. That's the most important thing. It gives you dynamics.

I play fingerstyle exclusively on acoustic. I've tried using finger picks but I've found that the only kind that actually benefits me is a thumb pick because it pronounces the bass lines better.
It's also an option to let your fingernails grow. (on your picking hand) You don't have to let them grow far. Just so that the nails protrude just beyond the tips of your fingers when you look at the palm side of them.
I personally don't do that though, because I like a more full bodied sound with my guitar, since it's a thin body and doesn't give me a lot of depth.

Definitely go with your fingers first. Get the technique down before you begin adding modifications.
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