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Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Based on the grounds of baseless claims on his behalf. The way he has acted torward Wayfarer and Captain Caveman seems unfair in my opinion. He is acting as if he is constantly trying to single those two members out. I feel that it is highly irresponsible for a moderator to hold vendettas against regular posters and Boobs has been showing just that mentality.
We should ban you for being against TX...Kidding, I dont own but one shirt with words on it and it happends to say 'Id rather go to hell than texas' I bought it when I was in the military because thats where ALOT of military people come from because they are all retarded, every last one of them. I was going to be a **** unfan towards you cuz I like boo boo, but you representing texas hatred has made me want to blow you, in a hetero way of course.

Lew Harrison, who looked like an anarchist with his red eyes and fierce black beard, had been writing furiously in one corner of the room. "That's goodóhappiness by the kilowatt," he said. "Buy your happiness the way you buy light."
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