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Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Based on the grounds of baseless claims on his behalf. The way he has acted torward Wayfarer and Captain Caveman seems unfair in my opinion. He is acting as if he is constantly trying to single those two members out. I feel that it is highly irresponsible for a moderator to hold vendettas against regular posters and Boobs has been showing just that mentality.
First off I haven't done a damn thing to Wayfarer, not even an infraction

Second, Caveman insulted me, refused to apologise and oh yeah, he's one of the biggest trolls on the forum (along with you). I admit I overreacting, but I have agreed to let the other mods handle Caveman if causes any trouble.

I'm not singling them out, they singled ME out, you and them have been targeting me all week, you all hold vendettas against me, you obviously wanted to get a reaction out of me so you could pull this crap you're pulling right now, and I admit that was my fault for not handling Caveman the right way.

I'm one of the newer mods, pardon me for not knowing everything yet.

Originally Posted by The Unfan;641421[B
]How is accusing members of following him around on a public forum anything close to fair?[/B] Wayfarer and Captain Caveman have just as much right to post in any given topic as Booboo does, and by making such claims (which if you want I can direct you to threads where the claims were made) implies that once Booboo posts in a thread that Wayfarer and Captain Caveman shouldn't.
You all personally insulted me out of nowhere, at the same time, and kept doing it, it's easy to assume you might have planned it, why does it matter if I'm wrong? Does not justify your attitute or theirs.

And no that's not what I implied. All I implied is that there's no reason for any of you to personally insult me when I'm not even having a conversation with you.
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