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Originally Posted by boo boo View Post
First off I haven't done a damn thing to Wayfarer, not even an infraction
Except that you threatened to give him an infraction for "following" you. Again referencing my last post.

Second, Caveman insulted me, refused to apologise and oh yeah, he's one of the biggest trolls on the forum (along with you).
This is the behavior I'm talking about. I make an honest thread (this one) discussing your merits as a mod and you call me names for it.

I'm not singling them out, they singled ME out, you and them have been targeting me all week, you all hold vendettas against me, you obviously wanted to get a reaction out of me so you could pull this crap you're pulling right now, and I admit that was my fault for not handling Caveman the right way.
You even admit you mishandle your mod powers. Thanks for proving my point.
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