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Originally Posted by Bane of your existence View Post
Eat a dick slut.
Ha ha, I was waiting for that! I was serious about the rest, other than that it was sarcasm...I love that response though I use it quite ofetn and it tends to get me a bit hard.

Really though, my opinions is youre all pretty lame for fighting about lame stuff on the internet. But my lonely Opinion doesnt matter much, and ive been drinking so Im in such a *** ass mood right now. Tomorrow, ill look back at this and think 'nick, you little pussy'

I think we just need some more harsh words and eat a **** talk.

Lew Harrison, who looked like an anarchist with his red eyes and fierce black beard, had been writing furiously in one corner of the room. "That's goodóhappiness by the kilowatt," he said. "Buy your happiness the way you buy light."
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