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Default What kind of sound setup should I get for my first gig?

I'm playing a backyard gig this weekend, and the only sound equipment I've got is a small practice amp for my guitar. I need something to support two inputs (keyboard and guitar) and two vocal inputs (one may be used for micing an acoustic guitar or close-micing my practice amp).

I've been talking with people at the local music shops, but I just get the sinking feeling they're just trying to sell me something. I've got a Mackie Onyx Satellite for recording to my PC that I can use as a mic preamp.

Salesmen have been talking about the pros and cons of passive mixers and active speakers versus passive mixers and speakers, and an amp rack. I'm not sure what to use and was hoping someone could shed some light on the subject.

Can you suggest something that would be loud enough to fill a backyard, that I can expand upon as the band grows, and won't break the bank?
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