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haha yeah trance has a lot of emotional expression, much more than other electronic genres. not saying other ones aren't emotionally expressive but for awhile there was this string of songs with kinda depressing lyrics by all the big producers. Nic Chagall - What You Need : "Empty silence, you were never there, in your own space, now i can see, you didn't ever care". Ben Gold - Say the Words : "Dial the number that I've left you, don't let the baby in the room, she's too young she'll scar for life, it's not her fault, it's not her time. I guess this is really it now. well I've never been so scared
But I think I can see the clouds now" ..the full version by Senadee is completely obvious that it's about suicide. ATB - Wrong Medication : "I’m barely breathing. don’t you look at me this way, don’t count on me count on me. I’m barely breathing, I’m so out of sleep, so don’t you count on me, count on me". Paul van Dyk - Let Go : "You say that you haunt me. but you don't really know. You're clinging to fingers, but you got to let go. If you wanna try and save me, then take my heart and hate me. If you feel you can't let go, let go" .

and yeah Tiesto is very very good but some of the tracks he plays are a bit too house-y for me
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