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Though they live up to their namesake, making energetic music with cheerleading chants, it wouldn’t make perfect sense to let the album spin at a party. Though some songs would do just fine (The Power is On, Get It Together, Junior Kickstart, Huddle Formation), the lo-fi production brings the music closer to home. The Go! Team aim to pump you up with nostalgia, channeling Saturday morning cartoons, a sunset on the beach with your friends wearing light sweaters and sinking flip-flops in the sand - channeling your youth, in other words.
Basically the perfect way to describe the feeling you get listening to this album. I really like THUNDER, LIGHTNING, STRIKE as well,
it's a well crafted instrumental pop dance party.

To do that they use strings, banjos, turn tables, funky basses, pianos, horns, samples and standard band instruments. As you can imagine, the lyrics are not on the forefront. You can hear the chanting, but I’d pay anyone who can understand any of them. That’s because the lyrics are not the point - the delivery is. I swear they Poke-rap at one point (Bottle Rocket).
There's definitely something a bit, "urban" about the Go! Team, but their music is just so innocent, this album is something I'd give to an 8 year old if they came to me for musical advice. (I'm waiting for the day <3)
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