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Release Date: August 23, 1988
Label: Warner Bros.

Jane's Addiction is a peculiar band. If i had to classify them as a genre, it'd probably be Alternative Ethreal Jungle Rock, and this album is one hell of a testement to that. listening to it made me feel like i was in the depths of the Africa, swinging on vines and feeling the breeze running through every part of my body(and i mean EVERY part). They're also one of those bands that work best with every part intact. It wouldn't be Jane's Addiction without Perry Farell's scraggly, yelping vocals, Dave Navarro's free flying solos and riffs, Eric Avery's odd, yet fulfilling basslines, and Stephen Perkins' world influenced drum parts. There's an overall feeling of darkness and mystery in the songs, where parts seem to drift in and out, as if they were possesed. There's also an unbridled, animalistic tone in their music, even on songs that may seem very tame and relaxed. This is an excellent album, not only for fans of the band or anyone wanting to get into them, but for anyone not afraid to free themselves listening to music. 10/10

Up the Beach-This is essentially an intro. this song really hits you, but more in a slow, let it sink in kind of way. The guitar works well here with a descending lick and everything is very calm and at the same time very big.

Ocean Size- a short acoustic intro shifts to a rocking riff that kicks off the album. a very vibrant song it shows more of what's to come on the cd. the solo is a bit formulaic, but such a good tone. in all honesty i'm in love with Navarro's guitar tone

Had a Dad-Another really rocking track that makes you want to get up and jump around. all of the instruments can be heard well and really make all of them make the song whole. in the middle you start hearing church bells, which actually goes very well with the song

Ted, Just Admit It...-apparently this was written for Ted Bundy, lucky guy . the longest song on here starts with a bit of drumming on different forms of percussion. The bassline really gives a feeling of being high above the clouds in contemplation. the guitar is a bit diminutive in the beggining, but then comes up front to bring the rock. Farell delivers an angry message in the song, that "SEX. IS. VIOLENCE!!" then the drums give an ominous, jungle drumming feel, then it REALLY kicks in. overall just a great song

Standing in the Shower...Thinking-once again, just a real vibrant rock song. The Bass is funky, the guitar straight rocks, and the drums bring it all together. then the singer slows down the music, to proclaim how he's "Standing in the Shower ....Thinking".

Summertime Rolls-very much a soft song, sounding very desperate and lonely. this song gives a feeling of meditation and being above it all. the vocals, contrary to much of the other songs here, are the central focus of the song

Mountain Song-This song is focused on ONE riff, and a catchy one at that. probably the heaviest song on here. you might either get really pumped or really angry listening to this song. either way it's a real banger.

Idiots Rule -interesting tidbit, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea plays trumpet on this song. the title is pretty self explanatory. it's, guess what, another unbridled animalistic rocker that makes you want to get up and start punching the air to the rhythm

Jane Says -there's no real need to go into this song, pretty sure everyone here's already heard it, so yeah.

Thank You Boys-WTF?!?! this is so totally NOT like Jane's Addiction, seems almost like a joke ending for the album. but hell, it's only a minute, so just go with it.

Pigs in Zen -not a bad way to end, with a funky and rocking song with a really good tone on the first and ending guitar solos, making it seem almost unreal. the end comes with Perry rambling on with some bullsh*t
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