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Default Avenged Sevenfold-City of Evil

Release Date: June 7, 2005
Label: Warner Bros.

I picked this up a few years ago when it was released, and at first i didn't like it. This was back when i was pretty new to rock and metal and woulldn't really pay attention to the music(yeah, messed up, i know). I've grown a bit since then and have now i truly appreciate this album. Avenged Sevenfold to me gets a bad rap as some kind of band who toned down to sell records, but i don't see it as that. listening to this album, the songs didn't have that "make it appeal to the largest audience possible" vibe to me. it seems like a very genuine, sincere release, where the band stays true to themselves. sure there's a large focus on the singing, but on this cd, everyone gets their time in the sun. I also like how on some songs they add instruments like trumpets and acoustic guitars that really make the songs larger than life.

while it may sound strange, considering all of the guitar noodling and drumwork on here, my favorite part of this band are the vocals, specifically the melodies in the songs. i feel that M. Shadows has a very good voice, as well as quite an ear for making really good vocal parts. that's not something everybody can do like that(i know i couldn't). of course the guitarists, Synester Gates and Zachy Vengeance, are very talented. to some people, the guitars are the only worthwhile thing in the band. i disagree, but hell, that's their opinion. Their bassist Johnny Christ isn't bad either, and he has some good parts, but he's more a rhythm than showy bassist. probably one of the strongest, yet painfully underappreciated parts of this band is the drummer, The Rev. along with providing breakneck speed playing to their songs, his drum fills are enough to make your head spin while simultaneously making your ears cum in uncontrollable pleasure. so yeah, he's like, good, i guess

in the end, i'd give this album a 8/10. a pretty solid effort and in my opinion, a landmark for this band

Beast and the Harlot a breathe-in descends into an opening that makes you feel as if you're hurdling down towards hell. The riff here makes you want to bang your head. This is a good rocking track with some catchy hooks and some good guitar work

Burn It Down This is the song that made me buy the album. from the first few seconds of double bass poundage, i fell in love with this song. the riff here is one of my favorites EVER. this song really has a dramatic feel to it, especially right before the chorus. alot of backup singing, which adds greatly to the listen. good song if you want to get into them

Blinded in Chains a good fast song, the drums are really good on this track, especially the fills. from what i can tell, this song is about being controlled by corrupt leaders(political commentary much?). in the middle of the song, it sounds as if they're crying up to the heavens in despair, which is all good. when you think it's over, the bass comes in with a pretty kickass line and kind of an ending breakdown the traverses into a soft part with acoustic guitars in the background

Bat Country one of their more commercial releases, hell, it was even on TRL for a while. i really like the solo on here, not only technically well done, but catchy enough so you don't get lost in a sea of jumbled notes.

Trashed and Scattered my favorite song on here, once again in large part to the vocal work. This song is basically one of those f*ck you, i'm better than all of this deals. this also has one of my favorite lines ever
Play your game and walk away,
your integrity don't mean sh*t!
simple, but effective

Seize the Day eh, i'm not really into this song. basically a ballad, and even though i like a good ballad, this one kind of irks me. my favorite part really is the guitar solo, which has a stlye akin to Slash and the like

Sidewinder About being a vampire. i really like ther riff in this one. the songs end with out of left field. a flamenco style outro, courtesy of Synester Gates and his dad. yeah you heard me

The Wicked End a pretty good bass intro into a pretty metal song. you'll be headbanging to this, guarantee. the metal part thn changes into a more slower and majestic part for the chorus. the solo here is probably one of Synyster Gates' best, he just tears that sh*t up

Strength of the World a 9 minute song. i rememeber reading an interview where they wanted to bring back "long songs", so yeah. It begins with an acoustic guitar, castinets and trumpets that make it sound like something out of a spanish western movie. then it breaks in with the rest of the band in their usual fashion. The chorus, "STRENGTH OF THE WORLD!" is just strong in here. in the middle, the acoustics come back in for a soft, heartfelt part. the song ends with all the instruments coming together nicely

Betrayed written after the death of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, apparently from the perspective of the guy who shot him. really good riff here as well as the melodies, which are well done. in the end a good song

M.I.A. dedicated to the troops overseas. basically about being a soldier and stuff. imo, it isn't bad, but it isn't great either. i guess they kind of lost some steam by the end of the cd.
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