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just gonna toss my two cents on Axis: Bold as Love. by far my favourite hendrix album.

EXP - it's actually credited as the first track that prompted journalists to use the term 'heavy metal' to describe what they were hearing although in this particular case the track sounded like 'heavy metal falling from the sky'. either way, sabbath might have invented heavy metal as we know it but this is the track that got people using the term to describe music first.

up from the skies - hello wah pedal. as far as i know this was the first track hendrix recorded using that effect.

she's so fine - total filler. from what i understand noel redding was a bit of a whiner and resentful of hendrix. giving him one track per album was their attempt to make him feel like an equal. redding was originally a guitar player who ended up being 'downgraded' to bass player behind hendrix and seemed rather resentful of it. from what i understand he was also very pissed that hendrix re-recorded his bass lines for the 'insanity' part of 'if 6 was 9' and the outro to 'bold as love'.

'one rainy wish' is a criminally overlooked track. the twist around 1:15 when he sings 'i have never! laid eyes on you...' too awesome.

'bold as love' - it's one of those tracks that makes all the hair on my body stand on edge when it transitions to the vamp at the end. the day it doesn't happen is the day i know i've died.
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