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Default Hello, beautiful...

I'm Emmie.
Pleased to meet you.
Very little to say here of note, other than that I stumbled across this forum and decided it looked like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
So I hope the locals are friendly.
I like Kurt Vonnegut, polaroid pictures, flowers, Brand New, hugs, fireplaces, quaint things, silly folks, folk music, indie record stores that exist for the sole puporse of the amusement of their owner, hugs and kisses, and vintage clothes.
I try to be a very chill person.
I like all your basic types of indie, emo, and folk, as well as copious amounts of alternative-ish hardcore. And other vague genres that don't really matter.
So, hey.
Have a good day. =]
We're at our best when it's from the hips. From our hips we don't give a sh!t.
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