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Foo Fighter-Foo Fighters

Label: Roswell/Capitol
Release Date: July 4, 1995

This album is the self titled debut of the Foo Fighters and in my opinion, an overlooked gem in their discography. I see this album as a crossroads for Dave Grohl; where he had left off in Nirvana he was going to pick up with the Foo Fighters. This was his time to shine, to be in the forefront, to see if he could hold his own without Kurt or Krist. Was he going to fall back on the old sounds and ways, or was he going to move on with his own ideas and make a name for himself?

Well after listening to this album, i found that there was more of Dave's own design than just some tribute deal. While there were a few moments they seemed to be channeling a bit of Nirvana's energy into the music, this was mostly an effort ala Foo Fighters. The songs have as much rock in them as they do singability, one of their biggest strengths. While much of the music has interesting structure and while they're good at what they do, FF isn't the type of band to start being all about the instrumentation. They're capable of making good music, but by their own rules.

In all, i give this album a 7.5/10, while not the strongest record they've released, it's a good starting point for anyone wanting to check out the band, as well as a statement from the Foo's that they're here to stay.

This Is a Call - a few seconds of silence, then a hook that'll have you singing, even if you don't speak the language (i played this for my dad who only speaks spanish, trust me). The Chorus "This is a call to all my past resignations" is basically Dave saying thanks to all of the bands he had been a part of. The rest of the song seems to be about prescription drugs, hehe. in all just a great song.

I'll Stick Around - This comes out quickly, and has a total Nirvana vibe to it, from the opening riff to the chorus of "I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING!" From what i've heard, this song was directed at Courtney Love, whom he and Krist were battling over control of Nirvana's music after Kurts death. I also remember in an interview during the shooting of the vid for this song, Dave saying "This is straight grunge, grunge is here to stay" or something along those lines. I wonder if he ever looks back on that and winces just a bit.

Big Me- One of my favorite FF songs to hear and play. This once again shows the band's ear for catchy hooks and good songs. This is a real "It's such a nice day, let's have a picnic and run around in the fields" song. What's somewhat related and also interesting is the video for this song, which parodies Mentos commercials with "Footos". this shows a bit of their more joking and playful side IMO

Alone + Easy Target- Kind of a banging, stomp your feet kind of song that shows the Foos can rock too. I get quite a feeling of frustration from Dave when he sings this, but not too much that he's gonna throw a chair across the room.

Good Grief- A slightly faster pace on this song that makes me think of a combination of hard rock and a throwback to 80's pop in that while it rocks, you can still snap your fingers and dance from side to side. i don't know, that's just me i guess.

Floaty- an acoustic style intro goes over to a point that makes this song live up to it's name. I really feel like i'm running slow motion on some clouds or something. The added flanger on Dave's voice is a nice and slightly psychadelic touch.

Weenie Beenie- Now this is a real rocker! The vocals are really muffled in this one, even in the chorus. It seems to harken back to some punk roots for these guys.

Oh, George- The chords in this song give a very worried tone, like a train about to crash, and at the same time a kind of sad one. also the first song on here with a solo. It ain't great, but hey it's a solo.

For All the Cows- Bit of a jazzy feel on this one, with the drums sounding like snapping fingers. then it dives into some rock and right back to before. apparently this song is about cows :P

X-Static- *strumming a chord* *strumming a chord*, then drums and bass come in. *still strumming*, then vocals come in. then backup vox come in on th chorus. a bit relaxed for a song called X-Static.

Wattershed - The riff at first made me think i was gonna hear some nu-metal, but then it kicks in to quick, hard rocking song that'll get you headbanging. at a certain point they get all weird time signature on you, but it's really subtle and you might not notice it at first.

Exhausted- a song with this name seems like it belongs at the very end of the album. This was the Foo Fighter's first single, right before "This is a Call". well i can say the name definately fits it, it seems like it's very tired and just wants to go to bed. I think of some poor shmuck who has to go everyday to a job he hates when i hear this song.
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