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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
my bad hehe i misinterpreted you last night.

you're right about EXP though, it is just a freakout track. it's just that journalists back in 67/68 had to figure out some way of describing what they had just heard hehe.

the wah on 'up from the skies' is subtle, it's one of the few tracks where he uses it in that fashion. it's easy to overlook if you've already heard his bigger hits and who's going to be listening to hendrix album tracks without having heard 'all along the watchtower' or 'voodoo chile' first?

and yeah 'the experience' wasn't exactly the shiny happy hippie vehicle a lot of people think. mitch mitchell and hendrix WERE great friends as evidenced by his continued drumming in the post experience days. it was also very clear in an old bbc documentary i caught in the late 90s about the recording of 'electric ladyland'. at one point they're getting comments from redding and mitchell, noel seems almost annoyed at having to talk about how great hendrix was 'again' and then there's mitchell struggling with his emotions as he talks about a lost friend. plus that doesn't even touch on the shady backroom contracts and BS the suits were pulling behind the scenes or so the stories go.

from what i remember grohl had been working on that album for a while before nirvana ended. it was just something he'd do to keep himself busy while on tour. pretty sure everything you hear on the disc is him. it's not something that started after nirvana so much as something that got delayed because of how the band ended.
hmmm seems i was right about EXP

and yeah i have 5 of his cds, mostly cause my guitar teacher was a HUGE fan(he even met Jimi when he was 9), and would teach me Hendrix songs and lend me cds and stuff, and i gotta say that all along the watchtower and voodoo chile are massively overrated, there's so many better songs by him IMO.

and yeah with Noel and Mitch, guess not everything was groovy in the 60's eh?

and yeah i know the 1st foo fighters cd started as dave's side thing in the Nirvana days, i read up a bit on that and how he was so afraid to present any songs he did in fear of throwing off band chemistry. and yeah he did rerecord the entire album himself, cause he thought the version he did with the band wasn't up to par and he also rerecorded much of the band, minus their 1st drummer. after that guy found out is when he decided to leave.
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Originally Posted by mr dave
isn't this one of the main reasons for this entire site?

what's next? a thread made specifically to banter about music?
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