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Here here!!
The only reason I can think they made the arcade fire quote is because some of the visuals in the ''No Kind Words'' video look like the cover art for Neon Bible, otherwise I can see no similarities strong enough to make such a comparison. Which leads me to believe that another reason they made the comparison is because they don't know what they're talkin about, which is a lot more likely!

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i was hoping this album would at least do well in britain (let's face it, british acts don't do well in the u.s. At all unless they're called coldplay or muse) but i see it peaked at 13 and then rapidly dropped to 33 in the album charts. I've read some of the reviews which range from exhuberant to lukewarm, representative of the latter being the one from drownedinsound which praises the album for the songwriting but goes on to cite the apparent similarity to arcade fire as the major downside (seriously, apart from the voice in one or two tracks, this band has about as much to do with arcade fire as do franz ferdinand) while at the same time neglecting to find the same fault in the much more obviously influenced and less than subtle lo-fi-fuzz-rock-bandwaggon second album of the horrors (yeah stu, i know what you've been reading). It's almost a sure thing it's not going to get a positive review from pitchfork (it's all about the lo-fi-crap-fuzz-rock peeps, and it has to come from the states) which would have aided in securing it a wider audience, particularly that across the atlantic. It's a goddamn shame, because this album is definitely in the top three of this year for me, and although it is likely to get written off as just another british new-new-wave/arcade fire tribute band, i'd go so far as to compare it with animal collective and grizzly bear in terms of songwriting quality, even if it is much more pop oriented. And what's more, unlike the aforementioned albums, this one doesn't have a single bad track on it as far as i'm concerned, which is a feat and i'd be pressed to remember when the last time such an album occurred.

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