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My post isnt't directed at a certian ablum but more Costello in a Whole....

I always put him off growing up because I thought he was just another Late 70's and 80's music that was just to popish for me(I was born in 84) . But about 2 years ago I went and seen Bob Dylan with Elvis Costello, just see to see the great Bob Dylan....

Costello blew me away. He played pure acoustic. Loved every bit of it. Hes a poet. I get home just to find out he doesn't have a acoustic CD. After buying his greatest hits... I really hate the 80's sound that he has.

Just found out he has a Acoustic CD being released June 2nd. I am ready for it. just sucks there no Acoustic Alison being released with it. Are there any like unknown live acoustic recordings I don't know about?
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