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Comus - First Utterance (1971)

Listen to it on : Last.FM (missing tracks)

On Site Reviews :

Comus' debut First Utterance is without a doubt the most sinister record on our list. It's sometimes described as folk prog, but psychedelic folk, or in our own Comus' words "acoustic mindfuck", might be just as descriptive. The band probe feelings of fear, confusion and despair in their songs that deal with violence (Drip Drip), rape (Diana and Song to Comus) and insanity (The Prisoner). However, the album is not all dark - there are moments of tranquil beauty such as on The Herald, but all in all, these lighter moments also deepen the shadows. This largely acoustic album got bad reviews after it's release and problems with a postal strike led to poor sales. However, some were able to appreciate it's genius and over time it gained a following which has gained momentum in later years. It's now become somewhat of a cult classic with influence on other bands like Opeth and Current 93. If you want to hear something different, give this macabre folk album a shot!

Anteater : A lyrically disturbing yet at times awe-inspiring journey into progressive folk madness personified.
Boo Boo : This one is so out there. Very dark, paganistic, Tolkien-esque folk songs. I wonder if this band inspired Led Zeppelin in some way.
Comus : My namesake band creeps onto the list and with good reason. This folky/psychedelic attempt at causing you to have nightmares is most certainly worth the health risks.
tore : First Utterance creeps me out a little, but in a good way .. I think. This is the weirdest album on the list.

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick (1972)

Listen to it on : Spotify

On Site Reviews : none!

Jethro Tull led by famous nutcase Ian Anderson is well known and much loved by many. They started out playing experimental blues, but soon incorporated classical, folk and ethnic, jazz and art rock to their vocabulary. There was also a time when they were prog. I imagine Ian and the others in the band were perhaps watching prog unfold a bit from the sideline and saw that the big thing was to make "epics". Of course, they wanted to have a go - no, not a go - they wanted to trump them all. The result was prog's most famous piss-take basically. Thick as a brick contains only one song, it's title track which is nearly 44 minutes long. As was also the prog fashion back then, it had really extensive album sleeve stuff and everything was over the top. The best thing about Thick as a Brick is not that it's a joke, it's that it's a bloody brilliant one. Despite being prog's longest epic, it's full of pop sensibility and beautiful little hooks. It's folky in parts, rocky in other parts and overall quite a cheerful album. Recommended to all!

Anteater : Recorded proof that flute solos aren't for reef-smokin' pansies or gypsies.
Boo Boo : I personally prefer Aqualung but I can see this being the better prog album. This is a hilarious parody of prog rock concept albums. And they said proggies didn't have a sense of humor. Pfft.
Comus : The elastic retreat rings the close of play as the last wave uncovers the newfangled way. This pretty much sums up this masterpiece of epic proportions.
tore : Probably prog's best and most accomplished joke. Ian Anderson is one of my favourite nutters of all time.

.. And that's it!

Of course, we all had to compromise when making these lists and the compilation. Some didn't get their track in and some didn't get their album in. As such, let us all use this thread to recommend songs and albums for people who know or don't know prog!
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

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