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Originally Posted by Double X View Post
Sorry for the bump but I just have one other question. With the set up there, would it be possible to do.

Vocals - 1 condenser
Guitar/Bass - 1 dynamic
Drums - 1 condenser

at the same time? Would that sound like shit or could that be a compromise (sort of) between the two options you said in your first post?
The thing about using a condenser for vocals while in the same room as the drums, regardless of what's being used to record the drums, is that the vocal condenser microphone is going to pick up A LOT of the drums and you're not going to get any separation and will probably end up with some anti-phasing on your drum channel when mixing in the vocal channel. It will degrade things a good bit and you won't have any clarity on your vocal channel.

But, if you absolutely need to record all elements at once, you're going to need to have separate rooms to do it in... otherwise the bleed-over is going to be impossible to avoid.

I'm not sure if you understood what I meant when I said the three microphones don't have to be used at the same time, but just to be sure, I mean that each element; the drums, the guitar, bass, and vocals will NOT be recorded at the same time. It's a process called "tracking" and it's done in practically every major studio these days.
The guitarist, to a metronome, plays and records his parts for the whole song. The bassist can come afterward and record his parts onto a different track while listening to the guitarist's already recorded parts in headphones. The drummer can come after and record his parts into another track while listening to the guitar & bass that's already been recorded (in headphones, obviously).
Then the singer can record his parts in the same fashion.

If you do it like that, you will only need the microphones I listed. The only requirement is that in between instrument takes, you re-position the microphones as necessary.

Let me know if you understand what I mean, or, if I'm not understanding what you mean.
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