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The Bootleg Corner

Having done a bit more research, that Party Party song on the VH1 bootleg was actually written and recorded for the soundtrack to a film of the same name and released as a single to promote it in November 1982.

Anyway, item #2 is Elvis Costello and the Imposters' appearance on KCRW 89.9's Morning Becomes Eclectic show on May 17th 2002. It's very interesting in that it's a series of nice, laid-back interviews, live performances and intriguing remixes of songs from When I Was Cruel, all of which offers a very good insight into what was going on with Costello in a musical sense at the time.

Elvis Costello & the Imposters - Live At Morning Becomes Eclectic, 17/5/02

1. Interview 1
2. When I Was Cruel 2 [remix]
3. Interview 2
4. Spooky Girlfriend
5. Interview 3
6. Tart
7. Interview 4
8. Dust
9. Interview 5
10. When I Was Cruel 2
11. Interview 6
12. Oh Well
13. 15 Petals
14. Interview 7
15. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)
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