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U Roy-Dread In A Babylon (1975)

Just take a look at that original album sleeve (it has since been replaced with a more PC cover) and you know that it's roots down! U-Roy is a little different than other artists in this top ten as his style is 'Toasting', which is ryhming, chanting and talking over the music which he was doing for years before too. The music is classic roots reggae but with hints of doo wop and R&B-tipping it's hat to the classic Reggae sound that came before. You can also sense a little improvisation in the music as a lot of the album was recorded live with very few overdubs so that U roy could flow and improvise over the tracks.

Hugely influential and not just in the Reggae world, U-Roy creates a fantastic vibe and his music works brilliantly dropped into a partys music mix.

Peter Tosh-Legalize it (1977)

Peter Tosh along with Bunny Livingstone and a certain Bob Marley formed the vocal trio 'The Wailers' in the 60's. By the time the mid 70's came Marley was doing his own thing so this album is essentially a Wailers album with Tosh at the forefront. Tosh was always an advocate of Marijuana use not just for recreation purposes but it's purported medical properties too and backed with Rita Marleys vocals you could easily imagine Bob all over the track. However Tosh was always that little more political and it shows all over the album along with his trademark choppy guitar skanks.

A textbook Roots album that's at once spiritual and oddly melancholic.


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