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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
I like noise rock but most of these bands that I have heard do absolutely nothing for me.

To me it's just bland commercial indie rock with added noise for the sake of adding noise to it & little else.

I can't really explain it, it's almost like these type of bands go into a state of the art studio to record something and do their best to make it sound as crappy & Lo Fi as possible for no other reason than it happens to be fashionable at the moment rather than out of necessity. To me it just makes it sound fake & uninteresting.
I concur that there are some bands out there that do it for the sole purpose of fitting into a fad and hoping that get swept up in its tails, but there a certain few that genuinely do it either out of necessity or for artistic statement.

Dublin Duck Dispensary, for example, records his albums from his bedroom and releases them through this Dutch label i for one have never heard of before. Whilst bands like Eat Skull, Wavves, TNV and Women are releasing albums on indie labels such as Siltbreeze, Fat Cat, Killertee and Whoodsit records - not exactly rolling in cash

It has gained popularity recently, this is obvious with TNV and No Age releasing their most recent albums on Sub Pop and Matador, quite esteemed labels, but its only indie kid popularity, and albums such as Nouns, Luanqibazao, Women, Magic Flowers Droned, Rip It Off and Wavvves do certainly have some artistic merit to them i think.

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