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Originally Posted by TheCunningStunt View Post
And my general feeling on God is, the idea of God is there to make people live the right way and there will be a reward.
That is not the idea of God, if you are referring to the Judeo-Christian god.

If there is a heaven and a hell, and that's a big if, at least if I do go to hell, I will have lived a fun life, a life with no regret and when I get there, plus it'll be warm and there will be lots of people I know there with me..
I have always said that if I were to go to Hell I would just find some possible way to conquer it like Sisyphus conquered his eternal punishment. Simply put, I don't see how a hell could exist if we exist. We can control our emotions and our surroundings. Even if we were to be separated from everything, we could still find something to do that is enjoyable in an eternal punishment.

If you are someone who's living your life the right way, on hopes of an afterlife, what if there is no after life? and if you can feel things after you die.

How pissed off would you be?
If there is no after life then one can't be pissed off about anything. They cease to exist. When you die your experiences and such are worth nothing. The man who enjoyed his life to the fullest and the man that dreaded life become equal in that sense. The point of life is to find something to do while living it. You seem to expect that even your enjoyment during this life has an objective worth that can be measured. It doesn't.
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