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Originally Posted by TheCunningStunt View Post
I've experienced Nirvana!

I listen to Nevermind alot.

[ /ignorant stupid response]

Interesting theory, TheCunningStunt has a theory, imagine when you die, and you lie in your coffin, instead of going to heaven or hell. All you see is your life, like one big movie. That isn't really a theory, nor a belief, just a 'what if'. I think that'd be great.

I just imagne priests, take a vow of absenence, do everything right, pray, give his life to something that there's no proof of existence..

He dies. There's no reward.

God if that happened to me, I'd be so pissed off.
1. Your theory is a form of an afterlife and has no scientific backing or anything to support it whatsoever. What makes you so against the Christian belief of heaven but able to form your own beliefs about what happens? How is yours somehow more valid?

2. If you were actually an atheist then you wouldn't think that Priest wouldn't be pissed off. He'd live his life with his convictions in a completely holy manner and die thinking he would go to heaven and that would be the end of it. You can't be angry when you're nothing and no longer exist silly! You're a pretty shitty atheist.
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