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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Well now we're talking governments, which I'd love to discuss with you guys, but not in a Healthcare thread.

One of America's more powerful strengths is that we're flexible, the world can hate us, we switch presidents and we're at least at neutral again.

Congress can pass a resolution directly addressing the Iran riots, and the Executive says vauge points to not get involved.

In thos situations its great, but in certain situations its a pain in the ass, like on healthcare. We can claim up and down that we believe anythings possible, and we can make things work, and yet we're 29th in the world in Infant mortality. We refuse to fix healthcare because of our representitives political interests.

And when we finally get a president willing, and a champion dying of a brain tumor and we're really going to get there this time, everyone goes to the talking points. Currently HMO's tell you ya can't get treatments YOU PAY FOR! Why is the government, who may be slow in the worst case scenario, faulted for being a few months behind when so many of the working poor in this country are without healthcare because the insurance they have hires people to deny their claim.

There ought to be a fire set under the ass of these polticians, and I wish I was in a state where the senators opposed this because I'd run as a third party and steal their votes. The default for conservatives seems to be that the current system is fine.

Our system is christ-awful and anyone whos ever gone to the ER knows it. People are getting charged for things that aren't happening, for doctors they've never seen, and for treatments they don't need.

I have about 6 fillings in my mouth I didn't need from a dentist who knew they could get the money because as a minor with two state employeed parents, i was a gold mine. There is severe wrong in our current system.
I think the system being broken is generally accepted but spending a trillion dollars the US doesn't have with no real plan to pay it back (other than Obama's vague promise that he would cut the deficit in half over his term...and he never really explained how he was planning to do it) is kind of a bad idea. I'm for universal health care but not for the US shoving it's fiscal problems off on the rest of the world.
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