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Default clapton/winwood dtx, 6/23

clapton and winwood were amazing last nite,...AMAZING
i've seen a ton of shows and have seen clapton twice, but there is just something about him with winwood,.....who i'm an even bigger fan of

i should have wrote down a set list,....but i was too busy just breathin it all in
we had floor seats, and every one around us were givin off great energy,...

as best as i can remember in no order

presence of the lord
georgia (winwood solo)
after midnite
double trouble
forever man (which was beyond words amazing)
layla (accoustic)
had to cry today (which they opened with,....good choice in my opinon, i love their blind faith stuff)
cant find my way home
pearly queen
voodoo chile (as a die hard stevie ray vaughn fan,.......i feel alittle queezey sayin this was the best version i've ever heard,....clapton normally plays this way too clean imo,....but it was arranged differently, slowed way way way down, had an extreamly sexy feel to it,....i LOVED it,.....its also what they 'closed' with and went on for about 12 mins)

cocaine (could have done without that one)
dear mr fantasy (which was great, of my favorite traffic tunes,....i was startin to get antsy that they wouldnt play it,...i'm glad thats what they closed with)

i feel like i'm forgettin something, so i'm sure i'll revise
i changed my mind; i changed my mind;now i'm feeling different

all that time, wasted
i wish i was a little more delicate
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my name was clementine - sarah jaffe
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