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Default Dixie Dregs-Free Fall

Release Date: May 27, 1977
Label: Capricorn Records

Formed at the University of Miami in the 70's, Dixie Dregs is a band that i'm surprised isn't talked about that much on here. what i can only describe as "southern fried fusion", these guys combine elements of jazz, southern rock, bluegrass and country, melding them together to take you on a journey with compositions that are well organized, complex, and brimming with excitement. just looking at the album cover tells you that you're in for quite a trip, and seeing the smiles on the guys' faces tells you that you're gonna like it. It's sunny disposition leaves you feeling like you're gonna have a good day; this is definately an album you want playing when you wake up in the morning.

I love how this album has each of the players have their defining moments as well as great parts away from the spotlight. Steve Morse of course, being the composer of all the songs on this album, takes center stage, as does violinist Allen Sloan, who's smooth and cheerful sounds compliment Morse's funky country lines. Bassist Andy West, keyboardist Steven Davidowski and drummer Rob Morgenstein provide a strong backing; having mastered the art of subtlety while still being able to tear sh*t up, so to speak.

brilliantly composed, full of good, upbeat spirit and musical virtuosity, this is one of my favorite albums and hopefully one that you'll love too. 10/10

Free Fall-Like i said before, good waking up music. this song sounds like the sun is shining and you're getting your day started, taking a bath, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, and grabbing something quick to eat before you're out on your merry way. then it sounds like your in your car, trying to fight the traffic to get where you're going. it's also likely to get this stuck in your head, it's actually quite singable for being instrumental.

Holiday-sounds like you're parusing the local shops around town during christmas time, the snow is on the ground, with carolers and santa on every corner greeting you as you walk by. i love how Morse plays an almost Irish sounding diddty on this, as well as the touch of bells that give this a real seasonal feel

Hand Jig-the drummer does an offbeat solo, then it transitions into a song that feels like you're a business man walking down the street to your high rise building, getting ready to ink that new contract with the company. in the middle it does a bit of soloing, then gets back to business

Moe Down-the beginning sounds like an orchestra getting ready to play, then it goes into a hoedown, complete with fiddle, banjo, slide guitar and all around fun.

Refried Funky Chicken-the guitar on here does make it sound like chicken in the deep fryer. my favorite song on here, one that's upbeat and gets you moving, not unlike many of the songs on here already.

Sleep-sounds like the title, and the best touch is the synthesizer that makes it feel like you're being carried away on a cloud. a bit of a well deserved break from the rest of the album.

Cruise Control-You know those movies where a bunch of guys jump into the car on their way to Vegas and the camera views from really high above as they speed down the highway? yea, it feels like that, real upbeat and just cool. it makes a bit of an abrupt stop in the middle, feeling like you're walking into an amazingly fancy and state of the art hotel, just in awe of everything. it speeds up a bit, with the guys soloing back to back, then gets back to where it started

Cosmopolitan Traveler-i really like how the song titles pretty much describe the song. this actually does feel like you're walking through the big city, possibly you're first time there and just taking in the awe of everything

Dig the Ditch-hmmm......i don't know quite how to describe this song, it's hard to put my finger quite on how this song makes you feel. it's still good though.

Wages of Weirdness-starts a bit strange, then it picks up with the bass and violin, and is a bit of a clusterf*ck to me, like they're trying to fit a lot of different riffs, sounds and just plain music into one song. it's good, but you might miss something if you don't listen closely. oh yeah, there's also a piano solo, which is damn good if i say so myself

Northern Lights-i almost thought this was some kind of bonus track at first, because of the talking in the beginning. this is a pretty calm ending to the album, really just and acoustic guitar and violin.
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