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One of the reasons I've had more of a problem with Christianity then any other religion is, I remember this from when I was younger, there was a Priest who was talking about how great Catholicism is because it doesn't make you shoulder everything and save yourself. That's because Jesus saves you and you can lean on him, he then made a smug remark about how other religions you have to work towards Heaven (I'm using this term broadly to refer to whatever any particular religion's ideal end result is) all on your own and rely on yourself. I've always had a problem with externalizing the blame and placing it on some metaphysical/fictitious being and just asking for forgiveness. I guess that's why if I had to believe in some sort of universal justice it would be karmic law as opposed to some sort of divine Abrahamic arbiter. Basically what I'm getting at with all this is I don't feel the modern Christian god (the American one that protects soccer moms and suburban housing) is very helpful, realistically or idealistically.
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