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Default Contemporary Classical/Classical Rock

Wasn't really sure where to post this, so I hope this is the correct place.

While I do enjoy Classical music in its unaltered form, I also really enjoy upbeat Contemporary Classical and Classical with a rock twist. In the 80's Louis Clark's Hooked on Classics series were, and still are very popular. Through the 90's we had some copy cats like the Switched on Classics series. Then in 2003 Bond made a splash with their self titled debut album, then successfully followed up with many other albums.

On the rock side of things (especially metal bands) there have been some who have tried their hand at blending Classical or a Classical style (Yngwie Malmsteen comes to mind). But while Yngwie Malmsteen fuses orchestral with shred metal, the works aren't variations from the great composers like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Vivaldi, Mozart, etc.

So far I have found only two guitarists who at least try to stay faithful to the works of the masters without getting too carried away on variations. One is Wolf Hoffmann of the German Metal band Accept, the other is Danney Alkana from Southern California.

I have searched many forums for people who, like me, also enjoy these styles of music. But unfortunately I found none. Are there any here that also enjoy this kind of music? And if so, do you know of other artists that are very similar to the Contemporary Classical and Classical Rock sound?

For those that are unfamiliar with Danney Alkana and Wolf Hoffmann, here are some music clips from both these artists.

Danney Alkana- Rock The Bach

Beethoven's 5th (Radio Edit)
Beethoven: "Symphony No. Five" Complete

More tracks:
danney alkana - MySpace Music Search

Wolf Hoffmann- Classical

The Moldau
Blues for Elise
Pomp and Circumstance
In the Hall of the Mountain King
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