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Originally Posted by IamAlejo View Post
Right, but a lot of people's arguments against it [i.e. mine] is that it's more how it would hurt an already aching economy and put an industry in a horrible position at a time of very high unemployment. Basically a socialized health care in theory vs. in practice. The arguments for those should be/are much different.
My understanding is that Obama's plans to fund the initiative isn't through raising taxes across the board but only on those earning millions and millions which essentially just does some work to negate the loopholes they're using to get out of paying what they're already meant to. Throw in the fact that a nationalised healthcare will free up the money you were spending on insurance premiums. Overall unless you're earning a heck of a lot you're looking at nothing but benefits, and if you are earning a heck of a lot you lack my sympathy. I'll look into some statistics and figures to back up my wild claims some other time.

Personally I'm very socialist when it comes to healthcare and believe if you have national healthcare you should do away with private healthcare which leaches the more the better doctors. The main reason your healthcare costs so much and keeps prices up are the ridiculous lawsuits brought against doctors, frankly that should be dealt with at the same time as this change to ensure that the doctors don't get to expect ostentatious wage packets.

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