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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
I am not a songwriter or a poet. I am just a normal guy trying to get on in the world but I do write down some thoughts of mine from time to time. I profer these to you not neccessarily for judgement. Moreso an online database to keep my thoughts in one place.

Strange how that when your mind becomes ever stronger, your body becomes ever weaker. The error of your ways is easily spotted.

Falling in love is a twisted and crooked path. You know exactly why you have fallen in love and your passion and ardour is spiked with genuine love and want. However because of your earlier folly the path is spiked with thorns. Completely unfair of course but a part of life’s rich tapestry that revels in throwing guilt at the door of the hardiest and most deserving of those that feel they deserve it.
Hi, Jackhammer,
These lines are ones I particularly relate to, and I agree with you that growing older is actually very nice because you gain perspective and have many more memories to correlate and think about (although life *still* seems just as short to me now as it did when I was 18).

Though not all people follow the path of having numerous relationships, when one *does* have a series of relationships that go for several years and end, for picks up a lot of baggage to sort through...and ultimately all this does affect the relationship one is eventually in long-term (if one is in such a relationship)...not always for the better (the thorns you mention). Sometimes I have wished that the first person with whom I fell in love would have been the last person...but, on the other hand, a lot of practice with relationships working/failing helps you figure out more about what makes a relationship work longterm. And, I always remember that I loved those people...and still do. Even if that is in the past, it is still meaningful.

Guilt is hard to deal with, too...much easier if there is an opportunity to appologize to the person one feels one has wronged, and talk about it. When I've had a chance to do that (such as with x-significant others with whom I reconnect), it is very nice...nice to become friends again and accept each other's apologies now that you are removed from the problem.
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