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[QUOTE=mr dave;714561]i'm thinking it's the other way around. Eastwood makes replicas of old 60s 'freak' guitars. it's possible that White just chose to use a cheaper replica of his old school Airline guitars but i don't doubt that he owns some of those oldies as well.QUOTE]

I checked out the Eastwood site and they've got some contest running right now that allows participants to "Win an Airline just like Jack's!!!!". So, I'm assuming that Eastwood either saw Jack playing an Airline ripoff and started building JW signature Airline models, or he's been playing them all along. Either way I like the look and I definitely like White's tone.

Yeah I hear you on combing pawn shops. I do the same thing constantly. Most of the time you get some mediocre stomp boxes or just flat-out crap. But sometimes you'll find a gem and you end up paying half what you would pay in small shops. I found my '69 Fuzz in a pawn shop after trying to get Guitar Center to order it for months. It was $200 reguarly, but I got it for close to 1/4 of that. But there's this place out in Santa Monica called Truetone Music and they are one of the greatest shops around. I bought my EHX tubezipper from them for $100 and I almsot walked out with a G&L ASAT because it was priced so well.
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