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[QUOTE=mr dave;715062]nice. but i'm pretty much as far away from california as i could be while still being in the same continentQUOTE]

But Mr. Dave, your location says that you are everywhere. How can you be an omnipresent being and be far away from any place at any given time? I had no idea that i was consorting with a categorical liar.


Yeah I've got a boss tremelo pedal, and though some of the other, more expensive pedals may give you more tonal control, mine works great for what I need out of it. It's hard to justify dumping a few hundred bucks into something that you're going to be stomping on. As far as EHX and some of the more expensive companies, you should check out some of the online stores. Some even have of their stuff on ebay--brand new, original packaging, unplayed. And you can usually get them discounted, especially if you're bidding.

A buddy of mine actually got his Reverend guitar from a guy up in Canada through ebay. He loves it and the price was almost a steal. You should check out MXR and Lovetone. They make some sweet effects. And you can always get replicas online from guys who do mods and stuff. Might check into that. What's your far as guitar, amp, and pedal board??
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