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Originally Posted by million dollar basher View Post
But Mr. Dave, your location says that you are everywhere. How can you be an omnipresent being and be far away from any place at any given time? I had no idea that i was consorting with a categorical liar.

well... i never said i was everywhere all the time hahaha. last time i was in CA was the summer of '91. haha

personally i'm not a huge fan of online shopping when it comes to gear. i'd much rather be able to try it out in person even if that means paying a few extra dollars, but if it's like the difference of $100+ then i'll reconsider hehe.

i've heard great things about MXR effects, can't say i've heard of lovetone before just now though.

as for my personal setup it's been discussed a few times here and hasn't changed in a while since i'm still waiting on a new jam room facility to open up in town.

effects -

guitars -

basically i ran a wet / wetter setup, with one amp drenched in reverb and EQ-ed to be very dark and muddy sounding, the other amp had a dryer and brighter sound. mainly stuck to playing my old mexi-strat or ltd ec-1000. total improv all the time. absolutely no intentions on being a bar band or any sort of traditional musician either haha

what's your rig?
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I type whicked fast,
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