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My son is 8 and picked up the guitar about a year ago, he has progressed pretty well im in opinion. Anyway he wants to go to an electric which I dont mind doing, but I just have no idea where to truly start. I have taken him to a couple of local shops, and the "sound" he wants does not seem to be there in the smaller body units. (Accept i have little to no idea about this, hence my reason for being here) So far in the first year he has gone "through" two acoustic's and actually still plays both. One was a cheap Yamaha "starter" the other was a "Martinez" we didnt buy the sedond based on anything other than his feel and comfort and sound.

Of everything he has tried so far the one that seems to lead the pack is branded LTD it is a Junior series. ? is this a decent brand ? I dont mind spending, but i dont want to over spend or overbuy, on the same hand i dont want to end up cheap.

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