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Originally Posted by 5398cane View Post
Of everything he has tried so far the one that seems to lead the pack is branded LTD it is a Junior series. ? is this a decent brand ? I dont mind spending, but i dont want to over spend or overbuy, on the same hand i dont want to end up cheap.

i've been playing an LTD for a few years, they're part of ESP Guitars . there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. quality will obviously vary with price, but if you're getting a 3/4 scale guitar to start out then it's obviously more of a temporary thing and i wouldn't worry too much.

i'm assuming it's the KH-JR, kirk hammett's signature model. probably 'not' going to be the same quite the same quality as the actual M2 he plays but whatever hahaha. i'd call it a great start.

BTW - what's the deal with the acoustics? why did he go through 2? are they different sizes? is he managing to play fine on a full sized acoustic or something?
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