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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
well... i never said i was everywhere all the time hahaha. last time i was in CA was the summer of '91. haha

personally i'm not a huge fan of online shopping when it comes to gear. i'd much rather be able to try it out in person even if that means paying a few extra dollars, but if it's like the difference of $100+ then i'll reconsider hehe.

what's your rig?
Oh definitely. I won't actually buy a guitar from an online store. That's way to big an investment to make on the off chance that it might be a lemon. But effects pedals I can usually stomach.

Nice, I used to run my set up pretty wet. Lots and lots of reverb. Lately I've been trying to brighten it up a bit, but when I'm in a Gilmour mood, I'll crank the reverb to 11.

Right now I've got two American Strats--one big apple with two seymour duncan humbuckers and the other a Delux v-neck with S1. I'm running them through my Fender Hotrod Delux right now, and I've got so many pedals floating around that my board is constantly being recast. My favorite effects: EHX tube zipper--such a versitile little box, even has a surprisingly satisfying overdrive channel; EHX memory man with hazzarai--great delay pedal and a pretty precise looping effect; my '69 fuzz--cool little fuzz box with great tonal control; my mxr distortion---plenty of dirt; and my mxr micro amp--great boost when you need that extra push. While other pedals are being swapped, rotated, and switched, those are generally the ones that never leave the board.

I'v been speckin the Vox AC 15 amps lately, and I'd like to get a Twin Reverb at some point.
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