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well you pretty much answer your question in the first post....

would you call a drum kit that squeaks, shakes, and has a hi-hat stand that doesn't hold the cymbals properly good?

squeaky bass pedal... when's the last time you oiled it?

shaky kit. how often do you tighten the components? what sort of flooring are you setup on? you have a proper piece of carpet to help hold it in place while playing?

as for the hi hats, if you can't afford a new hat stand then you're gonna have to suck it up and deal with a shoddy stand until you save up enough for another one.

ultimately the perceived quality of gear is dependent on the individual using it. why does it matter if it's decent? if you're looking to keep playing drums then you'll need to start learning how to manage your money as they're effing expensive to maintain properly. on the other hand if you're trying to find out if it's still decent enough to sell at the website price then it doesn't matter, you sell stuff for the highest price someone else is willing to pay.
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