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Originally Posted by 4ZZZ View Post
Cheers for the heads up that you were doing this thread Zarko. A quality read. Let me know when you put up more review's as I am more than interested in your "new" takes on the brilliant career of Dead Can Dance.

I have been giving the 2 Gladiator soundtracks that Lisa Gerrard contributed to a serious listen this last week and they are very very good indeed. I see via her site that she has a new album, The Black Opal, released in September/October so hopefully she backs this with a tour. She also has a soundtrack release for the movie Balibo. I have not heard it yet but will get it as soon as I can.

The long rumoured Perry album has still yet to see the light of day. Oh well us fanatics will just have to wait I guess.
Yeah, he's sorta teased us a bit with that one hasn't he If you go to Perry's LastFM though you can listen to 'Utopia' which is one of the tracks from the new album.

I am also trying to find the stuff he has done with Peter Ulrich, but to no avail at the moment.

I am not a huge fan of her solo/other collaborations, but that is only in comparison to her DCD work. Can't really go wrong with the Gladiator soundtrack, even if the main song seems a bit 'cliche'd' nowadays. If I have enough passion though I plan to go through all their solo stuff as well though which will be mighty interesting.

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