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Default Music Banter Hall of Fame: Induction Thread 4

We're on our 4th one now and again there were a lot of postives so theres a juicy batch here. Read below if you don't know the rules kids.

The nominees are:

Capt. Beefheart

Nick Cave



Neil Young

My Bloody Valentine

John Zorn

How this works:

If you have over 100 posts under your name then you can vote, feel free to voice your opinions if you have less posts though.
There won't be a poll, votes will be made publically by posting in this thread. You can vote for yes or no as many times as you want, as long as there's an explanation for your vote. If you haven't heard enough so feel you can't decide you can abstain.
So a post here would look like....

Neil Young: Yes, because....
Nirvana: No, because....
Blur: Yes, because...

The artists that get 2/3rd Yes votes for them get in, easy as that. Those who don't get in can still be nominated at a later date.

This'll be open for a week and a half, since people seem to be confused remember you are voting what YOU think should be in the Hall Of Fame, not what you think others would want or whatever.

Get voting broheims!

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