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Top review Zarks and who am I to disagree with a word written. The Hosts Of Seraphim is goose bump material for those that "get it". It was the song that first attracted me to Dead Can Dance. I went to see the movie Baraka on release and this was used for this visual treat of a movie. I sat there entranced. As I have said to you before it was an amazing performance be her live when she performed it and one day I hope that you have the pleasure of a concert by her.

I have gone and got the latest Gerrard film score for the movie Bilibo. She contributes her usual atmospheric soundscapes though the album is mixed with various East Timorese folk chants and a rather interesting dub version of the old Graham Parker number Don't Ask Me Questions that the Dili Allstars turn into an anti war song with some reworked lyrics. The album is not bad though nothing to get too fired up about. I actully went and bought the soundtrack prior to seeing the movie. Caught the movie last night and from a musical point of view it was a fit.

Looking forward to you next instalment.
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