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Couldn't be bothered with watching the whole thing, but what I saw was about controlling things with the mind - such as controlling a robotic arm with thought. You need to have electrodes registering the activity in the brain and when these pick up brain activity that would normally move an arm (f.ex), the machine moves the arm for you. The applications for this sort of technology are of course many, for example for people who are paralyzed or missing limbs.

However, there's a pretty big leap between you controlling something with your brain and someone taking control of your brain. Reading brain activity does not equal controlling it.

edit :

It was interesting enough, so I saw the rest. Although I realize it was 2/5, there was nothing in there about people or machines controlling minds. It was all about reading it, such as being able to look at the brain to tell if someone's lying during a trial. Big diff!
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