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1. Mastodon - They are as heavy as a death metal band with all the musical technicallity as Pink Floyd.
2. Megadeth - Metallica are better, Megadeth on the other hand I like more (mainly because Megadeth didn't make St. Anger heh heh heh).
3. Metallica - Two of their albums (Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning) are albums I can listen to every track on and not complain.
4. Slipknot - One of the more hated bands in the history of rock, I still like them, from their brutal nu-metalish days to their maturing, more traditional metal days now.
5. Slayer - Simply the heaviest band of all time. Nuff said.
6. Queens of the Stone Age - They have hypnotic riffs, lyrics and solos. For such a diverse band they have such a likeable repertoire.
7. Foo Fighters - Dave Grohl is a ****ing genius, let it be known.
8. Guns n' Roses - Sure, Chinese Democracy wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. But that would be a little hard for it to do since it was the most hyped album of all time!
9. Suicidal Tendancies - Cyko Myko = GOD.
10. Dethklok - No kidding. For a cartoon band composed of two fictional scandinavians and three smartass yanks they ****ing rule.
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