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Default Tore's Treasure Trove v2.0 - Album Reviews!

version : 2.0

Welcome weary forum traveller to my journal on music banter. If you wonder why it says v2, it's because my original journal was hard deleted and this is a remake of that thread. I had posted quite a few reviews on the old one and these have now been restored to working, reading order!

If you're new to this thread (or the old) and new to me, a quick introduction might be in place. I'm a norwegian in my late 20s and I think I have a somewhat flexible taste in music although I'll admit I seem to have a bias for bands and artists from 70s England. Anyways, this is where I review albums. Some I like and some I don't, but they all include something which I think is worth getting, even if it's just one song out of 20. These albums are rated on the strength of the whole thing, the finished product. The albums I love the most have a consistency about them, a red line perhaps from start to finish which completes them and makes them something more than just a collection of good tunes.

Because me and all other norwegians have a love for 6-sided die, I will use a rating system from 1 to 6. There is no neutral here, 3 and down are various gradients of bad while 4 to 6 means good and perhaps worth checking out.

In detail :
  • 1/6 – Utter crap
  • 2/6 – Bad, the bad outweighs the good if any
  • 3/6 – Mediocre, good qualities are there but do not outweigh the bad
  • 4/6 – Good, may be lacking but the good outweighs the bad
  • 5/6 – Very Good, album has good and memorable tracks and few fillers
  • 6/6 – Excellent album, good tracks and good consistency. A potential lifelong friend, this is the kind of album you might find yourself returning to for years to come.
That's it. Stand by for index!

Albums Reviewed Thus Far :

PS! If you have Spotify, you can click on the album's spotify link found under the track list to give it a listen for free (when applicable).

PPS! Reviews from Kula Shaker's Strangefolk and on may have footnotes. These are pointed to with the following symbols : *, †, ‡, , ‖,

Reading Tip : I'll be the first to admit my reviews can get rather lengthy. If you're not specifically interested in the album, you can cut down your reading time by reading the introductions and the summaries. I try to organize my reviews so that it's easy to find the information you're after without reading the whole thing.

Of course, comments are appreciated and if you wanna find out more about any of these albums, just send me a PM!
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