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Originally Posted by Rickenbacker View Post
Queen, famous for its many hits, over-the-top live performances, and of course the beloved frontman Freddie Mercury, and one of the most successful acts of all time, composed a significant amount of progressive material that is often overshadowed by their bigger hits.

Examples of this include (chronologically)

Queen II
(Nearly all of the album Queen II)

Shear Heart Attack
Now I'm Here

A Night at the Opera
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To...)
The Prophet's Song

News of the World
Get Down, Make Love

A Kind of Magic
Princes of the Universe

And so on.

I find the Prophet's song to be the best of these. Take a look.

I think early Queen did have an originality and a prog feel, some of the songs on the albums that you`ve listed were in essence prog songs but the difference was, that Queen condensed these prog songs into much shorter songs, for example Bohemian Rhapsody is about 6 mins and I think if a true prog rock group had done that song (Yes comes to mind) they probably would`ve done it over a 12-20 min period. In some ways, Queen revolutionized prog and American groups such as Kansas and especially Styx continued this prog-pomp rock sound, but they did it over shorter songs, despite the fact that these groups also played long songs from time to time.
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