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Default Is it just me, or does heaven sound like a really horrible place?

I mean think about it, the more you ask a Christian what heaven will be like, the more repulsive the very idea becomes.

First there's the obvious stuff, the belief that there is no sex in heaven, or even gender, we will all have christ like bodies, whatever that means. I guess we all turn into mini Jesus's or something. We probably won't even be able to tell each other apart but thankfully god will make us too stupid to care because that's the great kinda guy he is.

And the reason there is no marriage in heaven is because we will have no time to mantain a relationship other than with god who we will worship 24/7 for all eternity because his ego requires it. Hooray.

People say our time on earth is a test, but then there's some Christians who think we will forget everything about our earthly existance when we go to heaven, which basically makes our existance on earth entirely pointless. And since it's our memories that make us who we are, we will no longer have our identities or any hint of individuality whatsoever.

And what about the memories of love ones who are no longer with us?

Well here's something wonderful to know, courtesy of yahoo answers.

"God takes away the memories of family members who are in Hell so you won't know about them"

Wow, what a d*ck.



Sersiously, THIS is what these people are devoting their entire lives for? So basically you can't go to heaven without being completely brainwashed first, so how is it any better than just plain dying? YOU are not going to heaven. Because while god loves you just the way you are, he won't be satisfied until he makes you into a clone of himself.

And of all the things to lambast Christians for, this is the number one reason they scare the living sh*t out of me. How could someone describe heaven the way I have, and then say "It's gonna be so wonderful, I can't wait."

Yeah, eternal life as a brainwashed, neverending buttkisser or burning in hell forever. Thanks for the options god.

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