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Some Christians say you will forget of your existance here but you will remember your love ones, which in typical Christian fashion, makes no damn sense.

Dosen't god justify allowing so much pain and suffering in the world because it helps us grow to become better people? Ok then so wouldn't that mean taking away all memories of that stuff, you know, render it completely f*cking pointless?

The short answer to that is yes, yes it would.

In all honesty I don't even look forward to an existance without suffering, I really don't.

Because without it, what would you have? No heroes, no accomplishments, no triumph because there are no obstacles to overcome. Stories would have no conflict, art would have no purpose, life would have no lessions to teach us and the only music genre that will continue to thrive is christian rock.

Life would be boring and meaningless. So call me a believer in the whole yin & yang theory. Suffering and pain brings balance to life, it makes us not take things for granted, it makes the good things in life more rewarding, and it makes our accomplishments that much more meaningful.

And why there's so many people looking forward to god f*cking that up so they can spend eternal life in heaven without their memories, personalities or even sexual identity because it all gets in the way of worshiping their god nonstop to the end of time, I will never know. Some people are just freaking insane.

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